your celebration deserves an unforgettable production.

 It's like an incredible stage production - all about the two of you.

While the two of you are obviously the leading actors, I like to consider us the stage directors. Choreographing every vendor to play their part. Designing an incredible scene. Creating smoke and mirrors (in the best way.) And giving your guests an experience they'll tell incredible stories about.

So, without further adieu, let our creativity take the stage.

Your wedding is more than a timeline. Or a list of to-dos.

setting the scene

Growing up, my parents weren't "party people". But the thought and effort they put into decorating our basement for parties was memorable and magical. It was a feeling I wanted to hold onto and share with others throughout my life.

Today, I want to bring that same joy and magic to you and your guests by creating experiences they've never had before. And having spent the majority of my life in Southwest Florida, I know just what to do to make that possible.

I know the ins and outs of every venue in the area. And I've made incredible connections with top-tier vendors in every category.​​​​​​​ So, if there's something you want, I know everything and everyone it takes to make it happen.

first act

let's make it magical

“You can tell she loves what she does, and it shows in her work. Not only that, but all of the other vendors love her, too. They all spoke so highly of Carrie, and Carrie about them. It was a great experience.


let's make it memorable

as unique as your story

Since 2007, I've seen a lot of celebrations, a lot of traditions, and a lot of trends come and go. And while riding the trends is okay for others, I prefer to create guest experiences that are one-of-a-kind.

That's why you'll never see me design the same thing twice. Instead, even if you tell me you want a tropical destination wedding with a Maui vibe, I'll go back to the drawing board and create something completely different and 100% you.

Because, in the end, I believe a true celebration should be meaningful and memorable. And I want to make yours absolutely incredible and unique for you.​​​​​​​

second act

“Everything I came to Carrie with, she made happen. Big or small - she was determined to make my dreams and ideas come to life.


leave them saying wow

At the age of five, I began choreographing my own shows with full music, dances, and costume changes. Needless to say my love for entertaining and show-stopping moments​​​​​​​ came at an early age. It eventually led me to dance on stage for Disney, where my love for creating magical experiences only grew.

Now, I share that same passion with my husband, Matt. He skillfully builds everything I dream up. And together we create custom and meaningful events for couples like you.

While some planners stop the design process at selecting linens and chargers, we go the extra mile to personally create whimsical elements and wow moments your guests have never experienced before. What started in our garage is now a full scale workshop - where we have the ability to create and build anything.

And because of that, there are no limits to what we can create for you.

grand finale

let us create for you

“Those that attended our wedding have said it was the event of the century, it was magical and it truly took our breath away.”


hello, darling!

We're the Darlings and if you can't tell, we like to have fun!

Here are some fun facts about us.

I consider every celebration a part of my creative mental real estate. I don't sit down and decide to be creative. I constantly draw inspiration from day-to-day life. When creativity sparks, my next step will often involve finding Matt and saying, "Sooo I had an idea..." And from there, the logistics begin. He likes to call it "getting Carried away."

carrie darling - i dream it

my favorite wedding tradition:

You'll often find me:

My Favorite Memory from our Wedding:

The parent-child dances. Not only because I grew up dancing, but because of our two sweet boys. 

Doing the Disney Point and guiding guests with a "Right This Way" 

We based our wedding off of a scene in Disney's Robin Hood. Think enchanted forest, complete with lightning bugs and the enchanted forest fire. It was magical!

Matt Darling - i build it

Like Carrie, I like to make magic happen. But I prefer to stay behind the scenes as our Workshop Manager and let Carrie shine. When she comes to me with a plan to build a large sea fan ceremony backdrop, a unique fire concept, or a suspended cake display, I love to make it happen! Although there aren't many things I like to take credit for, I will take credit for having a great last name.

When I'm Not Building, You'll Often Find Me:

My Favorite Memory from our Wedding:

Coming up with an awesome Signature Drink. 

Easy. Watching Carrie walk down the aisle.


“Carrie Darling Events is the absolute best. Carrie and Matt made my fairy tale wedding a reality. Carrie went above and beyond to make my wedding day everything I could have imagined and more.”